Listener Feedback & Prayer Requests

Hi, I’m Ricky and we’re going to go through some of the listener questions, feedback, and prayer requests that you guys have sent in.

I mentioned 5 ways to send feedback if you haven’t already:

  1. Twitter@devotionpodcast
  5. Voicemail/Text – (864)39-BIBLE which is (864)392-4253

If you’d like to leave a review on iTunes you can click the following link or just search for “Daily Devotional” in your iPhone Podcast app or in iTunes. Here’s the link if that’s easier:

Here are the prayer requests listed out so you guys can continue praying for those needs:

Maleah‏ – Best friend is battling depression.

Jen – Best friend who is suffering from pink eye.

Summer – Grandpa has an aneurysm in his lower left side and it is leaking into his belly.

Jada – Prayer for family.

Nevada – Family dealing with a loss.

Erik – Mighty Man Ministry in Davisboro, GA is having financial challenges. (You can check them out and even donate at

Carl – Making decisions about his future career path. Has given up his dream to be in the Air Force so he can go and serve in India.

Sam – Pastor had kidney transplant but the kidney isn’t working and is infected.

Molly – Healing from her cancer. Dad has Alzheimers and husband is a priest with severe arthritis. Praying for discernment.

Matthew – Getting engaged/married soon.

Thank you guys for listening and for taking the time to reach out!


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